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Langer's Tree Service was founded in 1972 in St. Paul, Minnesota to provide a solution for the Dutch Elm disease epidemic that killed millions of American Elm trees.  This provided great experience and a solid work ethic for the newly developed company and has been the foundation for its success.  Since then Langer's Tree Service has been providing tree care for thousands of customers throughout the Twin Cities.  Langer's is committed to its continual education so it is able to serve and educate its customers as  environmental changes occur regarding tree care.  We take pride in the ability to provide a much needed service while staying enviromentally conscious.  All of our debris collected in our service is recycled in some way.  Much of this debris is converted into woodchips and mulch which is now used as a biomass fuel and shipped to utility companies to produce electricity.  The remainder is produced into premium landscape mulches to provide a beautiful landscape and help keep your trees/plants/shrubs moist.

Langer's provides services including tree removal, land clearing, pruining, and Emerald Ash Borer treatments. 

We also provide premium mulches for decorative landscapes.

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